Jarcat Six Cruiser

Though based very closely on the proven Jarcat Six sailing catamaran design, the J6C is actually one meter longer overall. The J6C has been designed with an emphasis on motoring, so there is a full plywood cover over the cockpit, which ranges in height from 5'10" at the cabin entry bulkhead, to 6' at the aft end of the cockpit. Twin cabin entries can be installed if preferred, and the double berth in the main cabin area is 8'*4'.

A galley is typically built to port side of the main cabin, and a porta potti placed to starboard shielded with shower curtain if required. Large lockers accessible from inside the J6C are located at the forward end of the cabin, and in the bows of the hulls and can be used for clothes and other goods. Aft berths are located beneath the cockpit seats, are over 2' wide, and 8' long. Each aft berth is fitted with screw out hatch in the seat fronts for ventilation. I have slept many a night in J6 quarter berths and find it most comfortable.

The design is suitable for cruising in relatively protected waters such as bays, lakes, estuaries, archipelagoes etc, and with an outboard of weight and power equivalent to a 30hp 2 stroke, with four stroke or diesel outboard options providing better economy.