Jarcat Five and Jarcat Six

The JARCAT FIVE is a success in all respects including cost, weight, ease of construction, level ride, interior and cockpit space, and performance either under power or sail. There are over 200 JARCAT FIVES afloat, and this is strong evidence that the J5 is truely a great trailer sailer.

Both the JARCAT FIVE and JARCAT SIX have been designed for amateur construction, and the plans include simple instructions and plentiful drawings which are easily followed. You don't need any prior boat building experience to construct the JARCAT FIVE or JARCAT SIX designs. Although some builders have worked outdoors under a tarp, most build in a shed or garage. The JARCAT FIVE and JARCAT SIX are built in one piece so you should allow at least one metre all around plus a space to cut the plywood.

Building time varies considerably. A JARCAT FIVE could be built in 300 hours and a JARCAT SIX in 350 hours. A really high quality finish will take longer to achieve, and build times for experienced boatbuilders would be considerably less than those provided above. When your finished building, the JARCAT is easily handled under motor or sail, and the emphasis is on family enjoyment. A double berth of 4' width is included in the J5, along with two good quarter berths, galley and heads space plus lockers, usable foredeck with a good anchor locker.

The JARCAT SIX is a much larger T/S, though still light enough to trail behind cars with 1500cc or better engines. They are quick to rig and launch, and all sail controls are light and easy to use as befits a family boat. All berths on the Jarcat 6 are 2.4m long! The galley may include a stove/sink/table & cupboards. Headroom need only be enough to sit up on the bed. The entry hatch on the MK11 JARCAT 6 is partly over the hull which allows a small area of standing room!

JARCAT FIVE owners have mentioned 20knots plus under sail. This drops to around 5 knots to windward when tacking through 90 degrees. Under sail the J6 has bettered 20knots. You are likely to see 12knots in 15 knots of wind....sailing flat. Even to windward the JARCAT SIX can reach 12 knots.

The JARCAT SIX boasts the ability to carry a 25hp outboard for speeds up to 18knots! You would be surprised how handy that is. The suggested 8hp Tohatsu drove the J6 to 11 knots and the JARCAT FIVE to 13 knots. Alternatively a 3.5hp long shaft outboard is sufficient power. When travelling you may use the JARCAT FIVE or JARCAT SIX just as you would a caravan.